True Friendship: A priceless treasure

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A special relationship,

It has its own charm and beauty,

A relationship which you create, not something, with which you are born

True friends,

So hard to get

In today’s world of greed and selfishness,

Friends whom you can trust with eyes closed,

People, whom you consider as an extension of your family,

Take you to a world whose existence you never knew,

They will stitch you back when you are torn emotionally,

They will stand beside you when you are facing storms of your life,

Always ready to fight the battles with you and for you,

Bring the smile back onto your face when you lose it

Tuck you in when you pass out after binging on drinking,

Share your joys and doubles them,

Keep you grounded when you tend to get super high on success,

Shamelessly admits stealing your tiffin and calls your home as their home,

Understands your unspoken words,

When you are wrong, they say you are wrong and right when you are right,

They are priceless because they are hard,

Treasure them, because once you lose them,

No amount of money or gold will give them back,

They are the family members you get to choose………….

I am sure every one of us have many friends but some are special, the ones whom you call your chuddy-buddies. They make our lives complete and amazing. I know it sounds clichéd but that is the truth. I would like to say about some special friends in my life.

Jasmine and me, we met in college and became best buddies. We are total opposites. She belongs to a protestant family and I, to a catholic family, she is a kind of tom boyish while I like to look pretty but not all the time, she thinks before speaking and I don’t do much thinking. Initially, I had apprehensions because Protestants are known to criticize the beliefs of Catholics, but all that changed when we started talking. She is an extremely caring and respectful person and I love her for that. She always respected my opinions and views and we never argued violently whenever we discussed religion. I never imagined we will bond so well.

Me and Minimol, again complete opposites in behavior. Looks like, I have a penchant for opposites. She is quiet, highly spiritual when compared with me, calm and very beautiful. She proves the thought “inner beauty always reflects in one’s external beauty. Even after being the daughter of a super rich man, she never lost her humility. She has always been an inspiration for me after my parents. This year marks the fourteenth year of our friendship and will continue till one of us dies.

These are two girls, I will treasure in my life because they will be there for me whenever I need them.

Never let such special people to get away from your life, because they are priceless and like I said before, they complete our lives.








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